7 Uses of Organic Agave Nectar

7 Uses of Organic Agave Nectar

7 Uses of Organic Agave Nectar

7 Uses of Organic Agave Nectar

Are you wondering why organic agave nectar is so great? Read here for seven awesome uses for organic agave nectar that you’re sure to love.

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Did you know that organic agave nectar has been enjoyed by humankind since the time of the ancient Aztecs? Today, agave nectar is available for everyone to enjoy as a sweet treat. However, besides eating it as it is, what kind of agave nectar uses are there?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve clicked on the right article to find your answer. Here, you’ll discover the seven different ways you can use agave nectar syrup. First, let’s see how you can use organic agave nectar as a substitute for other sweeteners.

1. Using Organic Agave Nectar as a Sugar Substitute

Using agave nectar as a substitute for other sweeteners is one of its more obvious uses. Having a bottle of agave nectar at home is extremely convenient for a variety of reasons. For example, when you have honey for a long time, it tends to crystalize, but you’ll never have this problem with agave since it has a ridiculously long shelf-life. 

You can use agave in many recipes if you happen to run out of other types of sweeteners. For example, if you’ve made a stack of pancakes and realized that you’re out of maple syrup, organic agave nectar can be the perfect substitute. Or, if you need honey for a recipe but don’t have any (or maybe you don’t like the taste of honey) you can use agave nectar. 

You might only have some trouble using agave nectar to replace granulated sugar in baked goods. This is because using too much agave might ruin the composition of the pastries. For best results, always be sure to measure correctly. 

2. Add Agave to Your Coffee or Tea

Most people like a bit of sweetness in their coffee or tea. You’ve undoubtedly used sugar or honey in your hot beverage before, but what about agave nectar? The only way you can go wrong when putting agave in your drink is when you put in too much. 

As with any sweetener, using too much can leave your drink overwhelmingly sweet. If you’re not too familiar with organic agave nectar, you should always start by using small amounts in your food or drink so you can see what amount is too sweet or not sweet enough for you. For tea and coffee, it’s best to add around half of a teaspoon. 

Once you stir in the agave, you can take a sip and see if it’s sweet enough for your tastes. If not, feel free to add another half of a teaspoon. Keep in mind that agave nectar is very sweet, much like honey, and it can be easy to add too much. 

3. Use Organic Agave Nectar in Smoothies

You can go far beyond coffee and tea when it comes to using organic agave nectar in drinks. Smoothies are always in need of a bit of extra sweetness otherwise you might struggle to get through the bitter taste of various blended fruits and vegetables. Granulated sugar can be a pain in cold smoothies because it might not dissolve all the way and roughen up the texture of your drink.

On the other hand, organic agave nectar is already very smooth and dissolves very easily when mixed with something. Again, start small with the agave to make sure the amount you add isn’t too sweet. For smoothies, you should start with a tablespoon or two of agave and you can continue to add more from there if it’s still not sweet enough. 

4. Use Agave on Your Salad

The idea of adding something sweet to your salad may sound strange, but it actually can be quite delicious. The great thing about salads is that they can be very diverse. You can add various vegetables, meat, and even certain fruits to them. 

By combining sweet and savory ingredients, you’re sure to have a very memorable salad on your hands. For example, try fixing up a refreshing salad with a few strips of chicken and drizzling some light organic agave nectar over it. The earthy tones of the vegetables and the savory flavors of the chicken will perfectly contrast against the sweet hints of the agave. 

5. Make Some Granola 

Out of all the agave nectar recipes out there, granola is by far one of the easiest. For granola, all you need is your preferred selection of grains such as oats, some dried fruits like raisins, nuts or seeds, and something to stick it all together.

A lot of people use honey in their granola, but if you don’t like honey or don’t have it in your pantry, agave nectar is a great substitute. Agave nectar is more or less the same consistency as honey so you’ll have no trouble mixing together your granola.

6. Use It as a Marinade

Many marinades, especially Asian-inspired marinades, have a sweet tang to them. This tang is usually created with honey, but agave nectar can provide equal sweetness with a unique flavor profile. 

By mixing some more savory ingredients with the agave such as soy sauce, ginger, and chives, you’ll have a stunning marinade on your hands. 

7. Use It for Your Next BBQ

There’s no doubt that barbeque sauce has to be sticky and sweet. Again, honey is often used to achieve this result. Some chefs may use actual sugar. 

However, great results can come when you use agave nectar for your BBQ sauce. It will give the sauce a sweetness that is unique compared to honey and it will leave your dinner guests wanting more.

How to Use Organic Agave Nectar

If you were wondering what you can do with organic agave nectar, you now know about the many different possibilities. From baked goods to savory dinners, you can use agave nectar in just about anything. 

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