8 Creative Uses for Mexican Vanilla Extract

8 Creative Uses for Mexican Vanilla Extract

8 Creative Uses for Mexican Vanilla Extract

8 Creative Uses for Mexican Vanilla Extract

Mexican vanilla extract has a wide range of different uses. Find out some of the most creative ways of using it in this guide.

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Did you know that Americans are the world’s largest importers of vanilla? Every American consumes 5.4 grams of vanilla annually. 

There’s just something about pure vanilla extract that makes your heart sing, isn’t there? And the purer the vanilla extract, the more decadent it smells and tastes. 

That’s why you need to start using Mexican Vanilla Extract in your home and cooking asap. Read on to see some creative ways of using vanilla extract in your daily life.  

1. As a Perfume

Are you sick and tired of using the same old tired-smelling perfume for your body? If you are looking to change things up and save money at the same time, then consider using pure vanilla extract as your new scent. 

Put a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball and then dab it all over your pulse points, like the side of your neck, the inside of your wrist, and the back of your knees. 

The reality is many perfumes on the market use vanilla as their base scent, so you are essentially doing the same when you dab pure vanilla extract on your body. Additionally, vanilla extract is usually much cheaper than the hundreds you would spend on perfume from well-known brands. 

2. As a Flavoring for Your Yogurt

If you are trying to get more probiotics in your diet, because you are worried about the second brain in your body, that is, your gut microbiome, then you need to start eating more yogurt and other fermented foods. 

The problem with low-fat or low-sugar yogurt is that even though it’s quite healthy, it’s quite tasteless as well. Why not add some zero-calorie flavoring to it by dashing in a few drops of vanilla extract? Not only will the smell entice you to eat more yogurt, but you will also end up creating a new favorite snack for yourself. 

3. As a Room or Car Spray

Traditional air fresheners can be chockful of chemicals that could result in a toxic and polluted indoor environment. If you are searching for natural alternatives, vanilla extract is a great one. 

Put a few drops of vanilla extract into a spray bottle filled with water, and you can spray that around your room or car to freshen things up. It’s cheap, it’s natural, and it’s easy to make. 

4. As a Minor Burn Reliever

You probably had no idea about this, but vanilla extract can be used to relieve minor burns on your body. All you need to do is apply a few drops of pure vanilla extract to a cotton ball and then dab that onto your burn.

Whenever you have a mishap in your kitchen or bedroom with a hot stove or a hot iron, you can use vanilla extract to soothe your burn and enhance your senses at the same time.

5. As a Cocktail Addon

Are you hankering for some variety in your cocktail choices? Rum and coke not cutting it for you anymore? 

How about adding vanilla extract to a cocktail to spice things up? One vanilla extract recipe for cocktails is adding one cup of pineapple juice, 5 mint leaves, a couple of shots of rum, and vanilla extract for a tropical cocktail you will adore. You could even add some sugar and/or ginger to the mix to make it sweeter or spicier. 

6. As an Insect Repellant

Just because humans adore the scent of vanilla and want to bathe in it or douse their homes with it, doesn’t mean every other being thinks the same. Insects do not like the scent of vanilla and you can use this to your advantage in the summertime when bugs seem to invade your home by the dozens.

Make a mixture with one cup of water and one tablespoon of vanilla and then dab this mixture onto all your exposed areas. This will help prevent mosquitos and blackflies from biting you. 

It’s also much better for you than the DEET-infested mosquito repellants that are on the market. Vanilla extract is natural and easily digested by the body, so you can put it on your body without fear.

7. As an Addon to Your Hot Beverage

When wintertime rolls around, all you want to do is sit on your favorite armchair, sip on a hot beverage and listen to the True Crimes podcast on your smart device. At those times, add some extra flavor to your hibernation mode by splashing a few drops of vanilla extract into your hot beverage. 

You can add vanilla extract to hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or even into warm milk and honey. Vanilla extract will make it appear like you are drinking something quite sweet, when in fact, you aren’t at all. This can help you control the amount of sugar you consume, keeping your winter weight under control. 

8. As a Cupboard Refresher

If you live in a city where you have wild swings in temperature, causing you to have a separate wardrobe for the winter and the summer, then you probably want to keep your winter wardrobe fresh while you traipse about in your sundresses. And vice versa. 

That’s where vanilla extract comes in. You can moisten up a cotton ball with a few drops of vanilla extract, place it in a small bowl anywhere that needs extra refreshing.

It could be your winter cupboards, pantry, or your fridge. You can even do this for your car.  

Mexican Vanilla Extract Has the Quality You Deserve

There is so much artificial vanilla extract on the market, that you will want to ensure you purchase the highest quality Mexican Vanilla extract.

That’s how you can ensure that your home, body, and meals smell like the best of vanilla, not the worst of it. 

Check out Global Goods if you wish to purchase high-quality vanilla extract in bulk at affordable prices, with free shipping included.

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