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Discover the power of this Exotic plant with over 300 Agave Nectar Recipes! It's the single largest collection of tried and proven Agave recipes in the world!

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With Volcanic Agave Nectar and the Cook'n with Agave Nectar CD, it's easy to reduce your sugar intake!

Here are some tips we have developed when using Volcanic Nectar:

Cakes: One-half of the sugar in a cake recipe can be replaced with agave nectar. For every 1 cup of sugar replaced, leave out 1/4 cup of liquid.

Cookies: The amount of sugar that can be replaced with agave varies with the kind of cookie being made. For brownies, half of the sugar can be replaced with Agave Nectar. For fruit bars, agave syrup can replace two-thirds of the sugar called for in the recipe. Only one-third of the sugar can be replaced in gingersnaps.

When making either cakes or cookies, first mix the agave syrup with the fat or the liquid. Then mix it thoroughly with the other ingredients. If this is not done, a soggy layer will form on the top of the baked product.

Products made with Volcanic agave nectar brown faster than foods made with other sweeteners. So when you bake products made with Volcanic Nectar agave, set the oven temperature 25 degrees F lower than what is indicated in the recipe.

Over 300 Agave Nectar recipes to satisfy and delight your taste buds.


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