Service & Fun In The Dominican Republic

We took some of our employees and their families to the Dominican Republic on one of our Global Goods service projects. It was so much fun, I thought I'd share what you've helped make possible. Thank you!


Apollo's Eagle Project


And of course fun...


2015 Projects



Whoever said "Service isn't fun" didn't work for Global Goods Inc!

We even included a few fun getaways inbetween our service projects. Check out a few of them below...

27 Waterfalls was a blast!

Zip lines through the jungle...

Monkeying around is what some of us do best.

Splashin with dolphins & swimmin w/sharks!


We had such a fun time on this trip and participated in so much good that our employees suggested we do this on a regular basis and should even offer the opportunity for our online family to join us. What do you think? Are you interested in helping and having fun with us around the world? Send us an email if you'd be interested in similar opportunities and maybe we'll come up with a clever new way to include you in some of our future adventures...

I haven't created a non-profit organization because I want you to get something special for each purchase you make from our site. I don't want donations. I don't want to give things away... I want to teach people and give them an opportunity to work for what they want in life. I'd also love for you to benefit from that as well with your hard earned money. Thanks for all you do to make this a possibility! Use the coupon code "Thanks2015" and receive 10% off individual bottles of Mexican Vanilla for a limited time. Click here to purchase some now!

Feel free to share our adventures with your friends too!