200% Guarantee

In today’s complicated food industry it’s difficult to determine the “real” thing. For example, I recently came across the definition of a food coloring that is found in about 100 different products in our grocery stores (Carmine). Carmine is a red coloring frequently found in yogurt, candies, fruit drinks and sweets. I just learned that Carmine is made from deceased ground-up husks of female red beetles. Can you believe it? Nasty!

Did you know that our Volcanic Nectar was the only agave nectar that passed the Low Glycemic Testing standards of the United States even when tested ONLY on Diabetics? In my experience most people who are trying to eat healthy are looking for the best and it's impossible to know when things like dead red beetles are entering into our diet.

I'm so confident that Volcanic Nectar is the Best Agave money can buy, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of Volcanic Nectar, I will refund your purchase! In fact, I will go one step further and pay for another agave brand of your choice. So, try it today and FEEL the difference PURE agave can make!


Brian Oaks